A Guide to the Michigan Property Tax Appeal Process

If you are encountering property tax issues use this website, "Property Tax Appeal Specialist", to learn more about Michigan's property tax law, the property tax appeal process and how it affects you.

The Penning Group Advisors + Attorneys are your Michigan Property Tax Appeal Specialists.

At The Penning Group we don't offer services in every area of law. We focus and provide services to you in those areas of law where we are experts and specialize in representation of clients in those areas.

We specialize in the matters of Michigan property taxes
One of those areas is Michigan Property Tax Appeals. At The Penning Group, we don't just pay attention to property tax matters a few times a year when assessments are issued and taxes are paid, we specialize in the matters of property taxes which means we handle tax appeals for clients on a day to day basis, all year long.

We analyze Legislative, Court, and Michigan Tax Tribunal decisions impacting your rights and responsibilities as a tax payer. This makes us uniquely qualified to give practical advice to you about Michigan property tax matters.

A realistic assessment of the facts, and what the law allows that govern those facts
Being told what you want to hear in the emotion of the moment or bad advice resulting from lack of expertise and experience is unfortunately far too common. In contrast, at The Penning Group we analyze your situation and offer an opinion on a realistic assessment of the facts, and what the law allows that govern those facts.

This website has been designed to provide you with practical and useful information if you are encountering property tax issues. By providing this information, you can learn more about Michigan's Property Tax Law and how it affects you.

The information we thought would be helpful to you includes:

How to Understand Your Assessment Notice

Property Tax Appeal Guide

Homestead/Primary Residence Exemption Matters

Important Dates and Deadlines

Uncapping Matters

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